December 10, 2012
Isle of Man, U.K.

MP backs Manx on wind farms in the Irish Sea

10 December 2012 |

An English MP has tabled an early day motion in the House of Commons about the proliferation of wind farms in the Irish Sea.

The move came after Morecambe and Lunesdale MP David Morris met with House of Keys Speaker Steve Rodan to discuss concerns raised by the government and the Steam Packet about the impact of proposed wind farm developments on lifeline ferry services to the Isle of Man.

His motion calls on the British Government to move away from the construction of wind turbines in close proximity to shipping lanes.

Isle of Man Newspapers has been urging its readers to sign a petition against energy giant Celtic Array’s proposals to build wind farm in the North East area which cuts right across the Steam Packet’s Liverpool and Heysham routes. More than 400 Manx Independent readers have already sent a petition form in. The form, on this page, also appeard in last week’s Courier.

Steam Packet boss Mark Woodward says diversions will result in increased crossing times and the risk of more cancellations in bad weather.

Celtic Array held three public exhibitions over its proposals for a wind farm in the south east area to be called Rhiannon.

Mr Rodan praised our campaign.

He said: ‘I will be urging Isle of Man residents, following the excellent initiative of Isle of Man Newspapers to lobby Centrica, to ask friends and family across to write to their MP to sign this EDM and build up some political support.’

He said that while in London he also met Laurence Robertson MP, who is the co-chairman of the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly, and briefed him about the situation.

‘The next conference is in Donegal in March, and it is likely that I shall table a resolution asking the BIPA to support the Isle of Man in opposing wind farms in the Steam Packet shipping lanes,’ he said.

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