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Do the right thing

I read with interest the article in the Rutland Herald how the newly elected legislators were going through orientation and learning the ropes in Montpelier.

I implore you newly elected legislators to not let these ropes become bonds of political partisanship. This could become especially important in the issue of industrial wind power. This issue goes way beyond political partisanship and directly to the very essence of Vermont and Vermonters. Do not follow blindly a governor who instead of intelligently responding to the issues of concerned Vermonters who he has promised to serve, chooses to revert to name calling such as CAVErs or NEK Woodchucks.

I ask you to listen to veteran legislators with courage like Sen. Joe Benning of Caledonia, who ask for a moratorium on industrial wind power. This would give you time to find out the real facts about this issue before it is too late, case in point Lowell Mountain and destruction of that mountain and the effects it is having on the people living in close proximity to that project. You owe it to the voters who elected you to be more than an empty shirt filling a chair.

I also ask the legislators who have been in the Legislature for some time to stand up for some of the statements they have made, such as “If I had known what I know now, I would have supported the previous attempt for a moratorium,” or “I am definitely opposed to Industrial Wind Power,” or “I have been trying to find something good about Industrial Wind Power and I have simply found that I cannot.”

With sincere thanks to those of you who have served and to those who are about to serve and again do the only right thing for Vermont and Vermonters and support a Moratorium on Industrial Wind Development.