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Inform residents about wind generator transports

Many of you who depend on access to Conroe via Texas 105 East have experienced the frustrating problems of backed-up traffic behind the large wind generators being moved along this route to the East Loop. These movers back up traffic for miles that moves at the rate of 2-1/2 mph, when it moves at all.

Police escorts and TxDOT, which permits these loads, give little consideration to the hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who also have busy and demanding schedules who are blocked behind these “behemoths” and can do little to find relief from this situation except wait and fume.

I want to suggest that TxDOT can assist motorists who would be trapped behind these caravans by using the county’s “Red Alert” system by informing us when hese loads are scheduled for movement so we can plan accordingly. Another solution would be to stop the caravan every half-hour or so and guide the other motorists around the unit.

Something needs to be done. TxDOT won’t pay much attention to my single complaint, but if readers will join me in this effort by calling TxDOT’s area engineer at 936-538-3300 and Precinct 4 Commissioner Ed Rinehart at 936-521-8919 to register concerns about the matter, perhaps they will listen.

Jim McAlister