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It’s profits, not jobs

Steve arner of Keppel Prince (‘100 turbine jobs at risk’ – The Standard 16/11) should not be surprised at wind energy proponents going to China to source turbines.

The promise of “jobs” made by the wind industry are greatly exaggerated, just like many other of their promises.

Most of the companies involved are large overseas-based companies which will source from China in particular because of lower costs and fast , efficient delivery of components.

The wind farm companies are not really interested in long-term permanent jobs for locals.

Their only concern is to get approval for their projects and will do anything to achieve this, as they make huge profits.

The accepted return (profit) per annum is approximately $800,000-$1 million per turbine per year, much of this paid for in subsidies paid by us, the taxpayers.

In return there will be ever increasing electricity prices for everyone.

While the wind is free, the cost of producing electricity from wind farms is very costly and will always need the backup of baseline coal /gas power stations, able to operate 24/7, unlike wind power.

If there is no or little wind, turbines don’t work. Likewise, if there is too much wind, turbines have to be shut down because of safety reasons.

Other permanent jobs for locals, after construction of a wind farm? Most work and monitoring is able to be done by someone sitting at a computer screen somewhere, with occasional visits on-site by outside engineers for routine maintenance.

Keith Staff, Martin Street, Penshurst