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Epic’s wind turbines should be on Epic’s campus

It is sad to see the loss of our beautiful country views outside of Middleton, permanently disfigured by looming wind turbines.

We need to do the “right thing” for our environment, but we need to reconsider the knee-jerk belief that what is good for the environment is intrinsically “good” and, therefore, the best choice for humanity. We need to make decisions while being conscious of their consequences. We need to balance what is gained with what we lose.

The placement of the new turbines is one example – the most egregious I have seen – of this lack of balance. This is not the optimum placement for these turbines. They are located here simply because they were allowed by the town of Springfield and by landowners who agreed to have these eyesores placed in their backyard in exchange for compensation.

No amount of money could replace what so many of us have lost. These other-worldly, ghastly intrusions on the horizon belong on Epic’s sprawling campus, where the energy is being used, and where they would not look out of place.

— Sharon Bessa, Middleton