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None of his business

A Horizon Wind advertisement (CJ, Nov. 17) featured Dorion Reeve Dave Harris expounding on the virtues of Greenwich Lake Wind Farm. The message conveyed by Reeve Harris is that industrial wind turbine projects are all positive; and, by association, concerns expressed in Thunder Bay are unfounded, based on experience.
For the casual reader, these ads are an endorsement for Horizon Wind to build turbines on the Nor’Wester Mountains. To better informed citizens, Reeve Harris’ comments, paid or unpaid, as an outside municipal leader, are rude, inappropriate, and ignorant of the dramatically different locations.
I can appreciate the selected site for Dorion’s wind farm. It is extremely remote from any home and has no historical, cultural or natural significance to the Dorion community. However, the Nor’Wester Range and Loch Lomond watershed is an enormously different location. Several thousand residents like myself chose this area because of the majestic presence of this iconic mountain range. Any suggestion that the Dorion reeve’s experience should allay concerns raised by citizens here is completely ill-informed and insensitive.
Fortunately, there are more responsible statements from leaders in our area. Has Reeve Harris read the resolutions from Fort William First Nation and the Municipality of Neebing? Both councils opposed Horizon’s proposed site on the Nor’Westers. Does he feel these elected officials are not acting in our best interests?
I suggest Reeve Harris reserve future endorsements to projects affecting his community of 300 residents. Informed citizens of Thunder Bay, Neebing and FWFN understand the consequences if turbines are erected on the Nor’Westers.
Willy Lacey
Thunder Bay