November 26, 2012
Letters, Scotland

Wind farm test

26 November 2012 |

The economy committee (“MSPs dismiss Trump’s wind farms warning”, 24 November) seems more concerned with antagonising tycoon Donald Trump than reasoned assessment of whether wind farms damage tourism.

The claim is that there is no ­robust evidence of this important question. There is a simple way of getting evidence. Pictures of Scots wind farms should be an obligatory part of the publicity provided by VisitScotland and other tourist agencies, particularly ­material targeting the US market.

That may indicate whether Mr Trump’s attitudes are shared by US citizens in general, or whether his is a minority view.

A more exacting alternative would be at least two handouts, one showing a wind farm on a mountainside and the other an equivalent without a wind farm and simply measure visitor numbers to each. Refusal by tour operators and the committee to recommend such an ­approach would enable all of us to judge their real opinion, than one masked by an unwillingness to independently assess government policy.

Prof Anthony Trewavas

Croft Street

Penicuik, Midlothian

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