November 26, 2012

Connemara residents ‘have enough’ of wind turbines

Galway Independent | 24 November 2012 |

Connemara residents have hit out against the introduction of wind turbines in their area, saying they’ve “had enough”.

The group said they are so concerned about the impacts of wind farms that are currently under construction in the area, they will hold a protest outside the County Buildings on Monday 26 November at 1pm.

A spokesperson said that the resident feel that “this is the only way” for the local authority to address the issues as they have been “fobbing us off” for months.

“Our issues are the fact that so many turbines are being constructed in close proximity to people’s homes with little or no consultation with the communities who are affected.

“With the extensive amount of research now available (including papers published by the British Medical Journal) proving without doubt that there are repercussions to public health as a result of living too close to a turbine, you would think that Galway County Council would be interested in protecting its constituents.”

The spokesperson cited health effects, shadow flicker, noise and property devaluation as some of the major issues that need to be addressed, with 103 turbines having already been granted planning permission in an 8km radius in the gateway to Connemara.

“This current plague of wind farm development is only the beginning as Galway County Councils Wind Strategy plan allows for far more development and approximately 60 per cent of the areas they have zoned as suitable are in the most densely populated areas of the county. These communities are crying out for help to stop these developments,” said the spokesperson.

The protest is being supported by members of the national organisation CREWE (Communities for Responsible Engagement with Wind Energy).

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