November 24, 2012

Wind farms pose major threat to our heritage

The Berwickshire News | 24 November 2012 |

The Berwickshire Civic Society has called for local communities to make their views known regarding developments that affect our local environment.

At the Society’s AGM, president Dr Ian Maitland Hume said that the views of local communities were increasingly important.

Reporting on the year’s activities Dr Maitland Hume said that the continuing and principal concern of the Society was the proliferation of wind turbines across the landscapes of Berwickshire.

The Berwickshire Civic Society exists to promote interest in and care for the Berwickshire area. The Society encourages the preservation, development and improvement of features of general public amenity and historic interest. The Society also encourages high standards of architecture and comments on local plans and developments.

While it is important that the Society does not become a single issue organisation, it is of the opinion that wind turbines do not protect or enhance our environment and pose a major threat to our welfare heritage and amenity.

The Society feels the recent application for a wind turbine at Hume Castle was symptomatic of the threat to the Berwickshire environment. This is the second time that this iconic landmark has been threatened by an application and the president appealed to members to lodge individual objections.

The AGM welcomed the winners of the Keep Berwickshire Tidy Award for 2012.

The Awards were developed and are managed by the Berwickshire Civic Society and the winning certificate was presented to members of Leitholm, Eccles and Birgham Community Council. Joint second were Ayton Community Council and Gavinton, Fogo and Polwarth. In third place was Foulden, Mordington and Lamberton.

The president announced that Mellerstain had joined the Society’s Historic Building Scheme. Dr Maitland Hume said: “The Society is in the happy position of having all the principle houses in Berwickshire as part of this exciting initiative. Members of the Berwickshire Civic Society now have free entrance to Mellerstain, together with Gunsgreen House, Paxton House, Thirlestane Castle and Manderston.”

This is open to members only and is subject to the presentation of a membership card.

Dr Maitland Hume also announced that he would be stepping down as president after four years. The new president of the Society is Brigid, Lady McEwen a long time member and supporter of the Society. All the existing office bearers were re-elected with Mr Matthew Gibb continuing as Chairman. The list of office bearers can be found on

If you would like to become a member of the Society please contact the honorary secretary Judy Torrance on

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