November 24, 2012

Wind farm operators investigate TV interference

BBC News | 23 November 2012 |

Wind farm developers in Lancashire are investigating the loss of some TV signals since their turbines were switched on last month.

Up to 200 people in Baxenden, Accrington, are thought to be affected.

In a letter, wind farm developers Energiekontor UK have apologised to those affected and said it was aiming to rectify the issue within two weeks.

One area of investigation is whether turbine blades are blocking signals from the Winter Hill transmitters.

Energiekontor UK have appointed a consultant to identify the cause of the interference and an aerial company to investigate the complaints.

Brian Banbridge from Baxenden said: “The sound goes off sometimes, it pixelates very badly and sometimes it freezes and sometimes there is no signal.”

“There are a lot of elderly people around here who think it is their set or aerial.”

Another resident Jacqui Miller said: “I was enjoying Strictly Come Dancing but it kept breaking up and by the time it came to the end I could have just thrown something at the television.”

Graham Jones, Labour MP for Hyndburn, has received 30 complaints and has brought the issue of getting compensation for affected residents up in Parliament.

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