November 24, 2012
Letters, New York

Neighborly assistance lacking in Richfield Spa

Observer-Dispatch | Nov 24, 2012 |

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it was heartening to see neighbor helping neighbor in those hard hit areas.

It made me wonder: what would my neighbors here in Richfield Springs do if faced with a similar disaster? Would they all band together to help their neighbors or would the current battle over wind turbines cause them to only take care of their own?

This battle began when Big Wind submitted an application for six 500-foot-tall wind turbines on the west end of town. The wind company insists they will not have an environmental or health impact on us.

Other towns are finding this is not the case. Our Planning Board bought all their lies and approved their special use permit last year. Thirty-four of our neighbors took the permit to court on multiple actions. We won. However, we will be back in court to fight an appeal.

We have asked our Town Board to put a moratorium in place to give us time to amend our laws as needed to protect all of us, not just those along the lake or those living in town. However, Mary Margaret Snyder, Bonnie Domion and Lori Bond voted no to the moratorium, choosing to ignore our concerns.

So, in a town where some people have decided that a section of the town is for sale, impacting our health and property rights for their financial gain. I’m not sure. They may have destroyed the spirit of neighbor helping neighbor.


Richfield Springs

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