November 22, 2012
Prince Edward Island

Wind farm opponents say government jumping gun

CBC News | November 22, 2012 |

A landowners group opposing the new wind farm in on P.E.I.’s North Shore says the government isn’t respecting the process.

Last week a Nova Scotia company was commissioned to build the 10 turbines in Hermanville.

Julie Shore, who owns an inn and a distillery near the planned development, said the government should have waited until the environmental review is released and reviewed.

“I own a distillery, and it’s kind of like me ordering my still before I have my licence to legally produce alcohol,” said Shore.

“There’s a process to how we do things and government has to live up to those processes as well.”

The environmental review is scheduled to be released in January.

The government polled the 58 landowners within a one kilometer radius around the wind site. Seventy one per cent of those residents support the project.

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