November 22, 2012

Families win turbines fight

By Dave Knapper | The Sentinel | November 21, 2012 |

Plans to install 14 wind turbines at an engineering firm’s new development have been scrapped following concerns from residents.

Goodwin International had planned to put up the turbines as part of a scheme to build a new factory and apprentice training school next to its Ivy House Road base in Hanley.

But families living opposite the development claimed the turbines would impact on the value of their homes.

However yesterday the firm scrapped the proposals following consultation with residents.

Father-of-two Geoff Tatton, who has lived opposite the factory in Leek Road for seven years, said: “The turbines would have been in full view of our properties.

“We didn’t have a problem with the building as they are putting something up on waste ground which is a good thing but the residents here did not want the turbines.

Mr Tatton, aged 50, a maintenance supervisor, added: “I had been in contact with an estate agent and have a letter from them which states wind turbines would have had a detrimental impact on the value of the properties.

“It is nice that the company have listened to us. They have been really good through this process and I can’t fault them.”

Concerned residents had also launched a petition in an attempt to stop the turbines from being installed.

Mother-of-three Diane Spooner, aged 47, of Leek Road, added: “My concern was for the value of the property and also the noise that could have been created. I am pleased the turbines are not being built.”

The pole of the planned turbines was six metres in height with the blade measuring five metres.

The company will now install a water harvesting system to ensure the new development is sustainable.

Steve Birks, general manager, said: “When we put the application in we always said the turbines would be subject to consultation with residents.

“We want to be good neighbours and we did find out that even when we moved the location of the turbines it was still visible from their homes.”

John Goodwin, the company’s chairman, added: “We do listen to the residents and having done so it is pleasing to hear that they are in favour of the waste ground being used.”

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