November 21, 2012
Alberta, Letters

Wind power may be doing more harm than good

Okotoks Western Wheel | Nov 21, 2012 |

I am privileged to live near Pine Coulee, a nesting area for eagles, hawks and falcons and have barn swallows nesting on my house. I fear that wind turbines placed in flight paths of birds are reducing their numbers. It is acknowledged turbines near Pincher Creek are reducing the number of brown bats and there have been allegations about birds killed by turbines. Bats, birds and bees are needed to pollinate 80 per cent of our food. In Canada wind power contributes 65 per cent of our renewable energy, but if this process kills pollinators needed to put food in our mouths, then wind is a problematic source of energy. We need regulations to prevent bird slaughter by placing turbines away from bird flyways and slowing the speed of these machines in order to reduce bird mortality. As well as regulating bird smart windpower, the Alberta Government could increase the number of solar panels promised for our homes.

Larry Mackillop


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