November 21, 2012

Fullabrook noise assessment reports released

Fullabrook briefing | November 21, 2012 |

Two reports into noise assessments around Fullabrook wind farm have been released to the public.

A Compliance assessment report (15.3MB), by wind farm operator ESB, shows that noise levels recorded at four locations were slightly above the limits set out within the planning consent, in certain wind conditions. It then goes on to highlight how the operator intended to work on the turbines to ensure the wind farm operates below the acceptable noise limits.

Meanwhile, North Devon Council has also released an independent Verification report (599KB), which verifies the robustness of ESB’s assessment study.

North Devon Council Leader Brian Greenslade says: ”The council has worked with ESB to negotiate a thorough noise assessment around Fullabrook. This involved securing their agreement for 12 locations to be monitored, instead of five, as specified in the planning conditions. We also successfully requested that tonal noise be monitored at four sites – again, something that goes beyond what the Planning Inspectorate set out when granting permission for the development.

“The reports have now been released and we are assured by our own noise expert that ESB has conducted a robust assessment of the measurements that were gathered. We are further satisfied that the operator has taken prompt action following the report to address the slight exceedances at four of the 12 locations. We now await the results of further assessment at these sites to confirm that they’re within the permitted levels.”

ESB’s report also shows that some tonal noise was recorded following monitoring. Further investigations are now being carried out by the operator, in conjunction with the turbine supplier, to identify the extent and cause of the issue. As a result, the council will continue to work with ESB to ensure they resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

Both the compliance assessment report by ESB and the council’s analysis of the report can be viewed at the Civic Centre in Barnstaple. Copies are also being sent to local households around the wind farm development who were involved in the noise measurement assessment.

Compliance assessment report (15.3MB)

Verification report (599KB)

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