November 19, 2012

Council not to oppose Owston Ferry wind turbine plan which Robin Hood Airport says will interfere with radar

Doncaster Free Press | 18 November 2012 |

Controversial plans to install a wind turbine will not be opposed by Epworth Town Council.

The authority had been asked to consider an application for the turbine on land at Newlands Farm in Owston Ferry, which Robin Hood Airport is opposed to as it claims the mast will interfere with its radar.

It is the second time the plans have gone before the town council. Like the first time members made no formal observations.

Coun Peter Davies could not see how it could do so now, since the new proposal would be for a smaller turbine. He said it should be left to officials at North Lincolnshire Council to make the decision.

Coun Jean Levesley was firm in her opposition. She said the more she saw of individual wind turbines the less she liked them.

Of the one alongside the M180 she said: “It’s the Angel of North Lincolnshire. It could cause an accident as people look at it when they’re driving past.

“It is idiotic and horrible and I am against it.”

Coun Richard Hall asked members to consider how they would feel if an aircraft were to be brought down as a result of the turbine having been built. He said: “I am objecting because of that.”

Council chairman Coun Don Stewart urged the council to consider adopting a policy about wind farm development.

Coun Eddie Mardell said he would far rather have wind farms than a nuclear power station.

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