November 14, 2012

Wind turbine blow for Bronte Society

By Chris Young, T&A Reporter | Telegraph & Argus | 14 November 2012 |

Emily Bronte would be “disappointed” at a decision to allow construction of nine 115 metre high wind turbines overlooking her home village, according to the Bronte Society.

Yesterday Calderdale Council voted in favour of the nine turbines, to replace 23 49-metre high turbines at Ovenden Moor Windfarm.

Objectors, including members of the Haworth-based Bronte Society, descended on Halifax Town Hall to voice their anger at the application.

Yorkshire Wind Power had made the application for their already existing wind farm in Wainstalls.

Sally McDonald, chairman of the Haworth-based Bronte Society, addressing the meeting, said: “It is a unique landscape and these structures are wholly inappropriate. They will loom monstrously over the village.

“The argument that there are already turbines on the skyline is tantamount to saying ‘there is already litter on the street, so this will minimise any new litter.’”

She said the committee had a duty to protect the area’s heritage, adding: “Once gone, it is gone forever.

“What would Emily Bronte have thought? I think she would be disappointed with this, and that is an understatement. It is hard to try and calculate the disappointment for visitors coming from around the world if this goes ahead.”

However, local councillor Barry Collins spoke in favour of the application, saying among locals there was “No overwhelming opposition. People are trying to take a balanced view.”

He added: “This council has committed itself to challenging targets for green energy. To meet those targets we need proposals like this. It is preferable to have larger, effective farms than a landscape dotted with individual turbines.”

Committee member Coun David Hardy said: “We have got to move away from fossil fuels. This is much-needed in Calderdale.”

The committee then voted in favour of the application, although it will have to go before the Secretary of State before it is fully approved.

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