November 13, 2012

Campaigners fight against turbine plans

News Post Leader | 13 November 2012 |

Campaigners against a proposed windfarm near Morpeth are calling on people to back them in their fight to get planning permission turned down.

The group, Fight Fenrother Wind Farm, has raised concerns with Northumberland County Council’s planning department, about the effects the windfarm would have if permission was granted.

Chairman, Dr James Lunn, said: “Northumberland has more consented wind power produced in the average sq km than for the whole of Wiltshire – this is not planning balance.

“Our residents already suffer the greatest fuel poverty, now we are forced to suffer more from sleep deprivation, more mental harm and now the further loss of one of our greatest assets, our landscape and tranquility, the mainstay of our greatest income – tourism – so even more poverty. The cycle is worsened.”

The proposal is for five turbines, 126m high, on land between the A1 and A697

“The turbines will be visible for over 25 miles and will dominate the landscape for miles around,” added Dr Lunn.

“We only have a few weeks to have our views heard, we must prevent this blight. We already have enough nationally; we have more than done our fair share.

“Approving even more will simply generate fields of scrap metal in our countryside that will become the responsibility of both council and landowner to clear after the development companies take their profit then declare bankruptcy.

“If more are built, we will have to pay to turn them off when demand is low and this reduces their efficiency and soon the balance will tip the wind turbines to being carbon positive.”

A public meeting is being held by Northumberland County Council at King Edward VI School (KEVI) in Morpeth tonight, Thursday, from 6pm to 8pm.

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