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A year later: turbine still a threat

It has been one year since S.T.O.P was formed to oppose the construction and operation of the CAW Union’s industrial wind power generating business in our neighbourhood which allows the CAW to earn an annual profit of approximately $150,000 paid by Ontario’s taxpayers.

As Canada’s newly formed Super-Union, CAW/CEP, prepares to operate their for-profit industrial wind turbine, a factual review is in order:

The CAW leadership:

*said in 2005 that the turbine would supply power to its facility.

* fought the Town on the required re-zoning and won at OMB, a decision not appealed by the Town.

* has said they promise to run their already approved 800 kW machine at 500 kW to address noise study issues and will self-monitor their noise levels.

*ignored pleas from all 3 levels of local government officials and the Town’s Chamber of Commerce to not build the turbine.

* told the Town that citizens’ health is their number one concern.

* promised to set up a community committee to monitor health and safety concerns which was rejected by the Town as it demanded the CAW own citizens’ complaints which could only be made public by CAW’s choice and could not be used in court.

* said NO to the Town’s recently passed resolution asking the CAW to pause the turbine’s start up until Health Canada’s newly announced study on harm to human health from wind turbines is completed.

* has ignored new scientific, peer-reviewed health reports linking wind turbines to harm to human health.

* has chosen to ignore the fact that this month Samsung, Ontario’s largest wind developer, admitted through their health expert under oath, that annoyance from noise from turbines causes harm to human health.

* ignores evidence by an independent energy analyst, Aegent Energy Advisors, that true costs of wind energy are being kept secret from Ontario’s citizens and that by 2015 the selling of excess unused wind power will result in a DAILY loss of $350,000, $128 million annually, $26 billion over the 20 year life of wind turbine leases. Yet CAW promotes wind power on behalf of the Ontario government.

We live in a community proud of Bruce Power’s world class achievements for returning all its nuclear units back on line while enshrining public safety above all.

Isn’t it about time that Ken Lewenza and David Coles, as leaders of Canada’s new superunions, keep their promise for the health and safety of Port Elgin citizens including their own employees at the Family Education Centre?

CAW needs to do the right thing and remove the threat of harm to health and property from our community.

Greg Schmalz