November 10, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

What next?

Falmouth Enterprise | Nov 9, 2012

I think the horse is dead already, at least it should be as far as the town’€™s turbines go, but as a bystander I really don’t care what the EPA had to say regarding the decibel level being just right, a little high at this time of day, low at that time of day. Who believes them or their report?

How many more committees, how many more tests? Do we need any more tests? How much longer do the town officials plan to drag this out? I think the real issue here is that they do not care about the lives of the people who are at the center of this catastrophe, being made to continue to suffer while they do another test, or wait for another report. I can’€™t believe that another committee was started to determine how they could resolve the issue. Over time I am sure enough suggestions were submitted through the newspaper that one could have been chosen by now.

I think we have surely gone from ethical, into moral, concern over these turbines to all have a picture by now of who is responsible for creating the problem, and who is responsible for prolonging the problem, that we should question confidence and responsibility to the citizenry any longer.

Thomas Collini
Sandwich Road
East Falmouth

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