November 10, 2012
New York

Several Herkimer County residents file windmill lawsuit

By GARY LIBERATORE | WKTV | Nov 10, 2012 |

60 Herkimer County residents have filed a lawsuit against Iberdrola Renewables, the maker of the windmills in the Hardscrabble Wind Project.

Jimmy Salamone says enough is enough, he cannot take having a windmill basically in his own backyard

Salamone says he hopes the lawsuit will result in the removal of the windmills. He says the one on his neighbor’s property is so close to his home, that he and his wife have a hard time sleeping at night and says other area residents have similar complaints. Salamone said, “The stories are almost all the same, the headaches, the dizziness, the nausea feeling, the property values, going outside the noise, the lights, the flickers it’s just a combination of everything.”

NEWSChannel 2 tried contacting Iberdrola on Saturday regarding the lawsuit but those calls were not returned.

Fairfield Town Supervisor Henry Crofoot tells NEWSChannel 2 that he cannot comment on the lawsuit, basically because the town has not received official word that there is one.

Meanwhile Salamone says he has become well known for speaking out on the windmill issue and he is not concerned with what people think about him. He said, “I found through life, if you don’t speak up for what’s right, nothing is going to come out of nothing.”

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