November 9, 2012

Campaigner wants Tetney wind farm scheme ‘stopped in its tracks’

Grimsby Telegraph | November 09, 2012 |

A call has been made for renewable energy giants ASC to withdraw their application for eight 115-metre wind turbines at Tetney.

Avid anti-windfarm campaigner Melvin Grosvenor is urging ASC to halt their application for the Newton Marsh Wind Farm Extension and to resubmit it as a separate application.

He is “incensed” by the company, which he claims is “misleading the public” by marketing the application as an “extension” when he believes it is an “entirely different application”.

As reported, ASC’s application will neighbour an existing wind farm of two 105-metre turbines belonging to Anglian Water on land owned by the water firm. They are due to be erected in the coming weeks.

This application will be for 115-metre turbines, perhaps of a different style, and on land owned by William Dawson at Bishopthorpe Farm, Tetney.

Mr Grosvenor said: “They are trying to come in on the back of Anglian Water’s application by making out this is just an extension of what will be there in the near future, when in fact this is not an extension. The landowners are different, the switch gears of the wind turbines are different and it is in a separate location.

“They are misrepresenting the planning application and I will do everything I can to get it stopped in its tracks and resubmitted correctly, on land at Bishopthorpe Farm which is adjacent to Newton Marsh. ASC must withdraw their application and East Lindsey District Council must invalidate it.”

The Grimsby Telegraph put this to operations director for ASC, Mike Denny, who said: “A central principle of the democratic planning process is that it allows members of the public to have their say on any proposed development. These views are then taken on board by the planning authority when the application is determined.

“As is normal for any planning application, there will be some positive and some negative responses from statutory consultees and from members of the public. It is the role of ELDC to review these, and to then decide what weight should be given to the points being made.”

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