November 8, 2012

Sierra Club launching wind-power ads in Metro

By Amy Harder | National Journal | November 8, 2012 |

The Sierra Club is launching a new ad campaign in the Capitol South Metro station urging Congress to extend the production tax credit for wind energy.

“Wind power is hard at work,” the ad says, which will take over the entire Metro station. “It’s time for Congress to do the same.”

The ads will go up on Thursday ahead of the evening commute and will run for the next month. The timing and station-pick coincide with the busy lame-duck session of Congress, during which lawmakers will decide whether to extend the tax credit or let it expire at year’s end. Capitol South is Ground Zero on the Metro for congressional staffers.

The ads are part of a broader pro-wind effort next week dubbed “Wind Week.” Supporters of the production tax credit are planning floor speeches and rallies throughout the week.

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