November 8, 2012
Editorials, England

Payout for turbines is right

North Devon Journal | November 08, 2012 |

We report with interest that the people who will be living in the shadow of the Batsworthy Cross wind farm are angling for compensation. We wholeheartedly support these people and wish them the very best of luck. It is ludicrous that this doesn’t come as a standard part of the application process for large developments such as this.

It is commonplace for Section 106 money to be awarded to local councils when developments are built, so why on earth can’t the people directly affected by these sorts of developments expect to be properly compensated?

It is obvious that if a large company erects a giant wind turbine next to your home, the price of it is undoubtedly going to take a knock. We only have to look at the Fullabrook Estate to know this.

If people knew they were going to be properly compensated during the planning process for these wind farms then perhaps there wouldn’t be such ill-feeling towards them. It seems downright bizarre that the Government coughs up money to subsidise people who want to put up turbines in order to meet green targets, but doesn’t cough up any cash for those who have to live with the consequences.

We support the idea that it should be the energy companies who pay out compensate to people whose lives are affected by turbines, not the taxpayer. Although, of course, we will end up paying somewhere along the line on our utility bills.

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