November 8, 2012

‘Giant turbines breaching our human rights’

A Fairlie Community Councillor has explained why the village committee are still opposed to the construction of giant wind turbines at Hunterston.

Chairman David Telford pointed out that Fairlie Community Council formally objected to the planning application to build experimental offshore wind turbines on land at Hunterston.

In a letter to the ‘News’ Mr Telford wrote: “North Ayrshire Council accepted that these gigantic structures breached virtually every aspect of NAC’s planning regulations but granted planning on the controversial basis that these machines would only be in place for a five year period.

“Fairlie Community Council did not agree with that logic and similarly believed that the five year timescale could easily be extended to ten, twenty or indeed fifty years.”

Mr Telford’s full letter and page of views is in the November 7 edition of the Largs & Millport Weekly News.

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