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Cave dwellers and energy

My town of Windham has been targeted by Iberdrola – a wind developer. Our town plan prohibits industrial wind. Recently our governor called people who oppose these things CAVEs (Committee Against Virtually Everything). Cute, but we know what he means: “If you don’t agree with me you’re a Neanderthal.” And he’s right. We’re so stupid here in Windham that we think Iberdrola and Entergy have the same business model – loot our little state, abrogate agreements and promises, then leave cleanup to us low-browed and hairy ones.

We’re so ignorant that we think manufacture, construction and maintenance of turbines is deeply embedded in the petroleum industry, that huge amounts of fossil fuels are required to manufacture and transport them, rip apart the mountains and maintain the installation. Not to mention the ongoing expenses the “host” towns incur coping with erosion caused by increased stormwater runoff.

We knuckle-draggers also believe that wildlife needs large contiguous areas of forest – bears roam over 35 square miles. We also believe that wetlands and vernal pools are important parts of the food chain for other wildlife and destroying those environments cascades through the food chain.

Lots of us were stupid enough to read and believe Rachel Carson. When I’m not too busy dragging my woman around by her hair, I sit and marvel at nature. Even a CAVEman has his introspective moments.

Perhaps a bit behind the times, but CAVEmen believe in conservation. One CAVEman has calculated that if every Vermonter had a home energy audit and followed the recommendations it would save more energy than all the existing and planned wind projects would generate without destroying a single mountaintop.

Us CAVE dwellers believe that town plans should be honored. And allegiance is better than obedience.