November 5, 2012
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DeKalb County wind farm needs detailed study beforehand

The Journal Gazette | November 4, 2012 |

Greetings from “a little bit of heaven on earth” among the rolling hills of DeKalb County, Indiana.

My husband and I are situated on 2 1/4 acres in the midst of the proposed wind farm. We are probably one of the smallest landowners in the areas of county roads 19 and 23. We worked hard for almost 10 years to move out of a deteriorating urban area to a dream home in the country. And we have lived here since December 2010. It is truly God’s country.

We were informed for the first time about the proposed wind farm on Oct. 16. We do not like the feeling of being a little bug about to be squashed under a big shoe. It defies common sense to build an industrial wind farm in a populated county with the hills, with the houses all around, near schools, churches, businesses, cities, towns and the railroads.

The presentation given by Roger McEowen on the legalities and liabilities of wind farms was quite enlightening. It is apparent the DeKalb County Commissioners have a daunting task before them on the proposed wind farm issue. The task is bound to involve extremely complex logistics and unknown variables.

We challenge the DeKalb County Commissioners not to so tenaciously hold onto the proverbial dangling carrot but to loosen its grip. We hope the commissioners will not be so quick to appease the wind farm companies without taking into the utmost consideration the most important asset of this county, its people.

It is prudent to consider all the ramifications involved in wind farm development. Also, we challenge the DeKalb County Commissioners to set aside all personal beliefs and affiliations and approach the issue with exacting standards of professionalism.

From this point on, we hope that detailed information will be more forthcoming and that our voices will continue to be heard.


DeKalb County

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