November 4, 2012
Northern Ireland

New wind farm planned

Londonderry Sentinel | 4 November 2012 |

Plans have been submitted to erect another wind farm in the Limavady Borough, this time for a townland known as Craiggore on the way to Garvagh.

Ten wind turbines, 125 metres in height, will be erected “in the townlands of Moneyguiggy and Craiggore Forest, Belraugh Road, County Londonderry” if the planning application is successful.

The plans have been lodged by renewable energy firm RES, who outlined economic, social and environmental benefits of the proposed wind farm on their website.

RES have also promised a ‘community fund’. On their website, RES state: “For Craiggore Wind Farm RES would give £2,000 per MW of installed capacity, per year, to a local community fund. Based on a 18 MW scheme this would provide £36,000 per year for local communities. It is up to the local community as to how the funds are managed and spent, and this is something which we will be consulting on in the coming weeks and months.

“We would encourage anyone with a view on how the community fund should be managed or spent to discuss this with us at any time during the planning process. It is important to note that the offer of a community benefit fund will not affect the decision to grant planning permission for the project as it is not a planning matter.

“Community funds are operating successfully at other RES wind farms in the UK. For example, at Altahullion Wind Farm near Limavady, Northern Ireland, the fund has been spent on the creation of a new community riverside pathway and footbridge, entertainment activities for family fun days, summer schemes for local children, and the maintenance and running of community buildings. At Forss Wind Farm, in the Highlands, the fund has been spent on the erection of Christmas lights, swimming training camps, sports equipment for the local beaver group and educational trips for students.”

However, local anti-wind farm campaigner Carlo McCloskey has previously expressed his fear that the Roe Valley is becoming ‘encircled’ with wind farms, and warned that if the landscape is further affected by large structures such as wind farms, it may affect tourism in the region.

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