November 3, 2012

No date set for Glenties hearing result

Donegal News | 2 November 202

An Bord Pleanala’s (ABP) oral hearing into the proposed development of 25 wind turbines on the edge of Glenties has concluded.

In closing the hearing, Senior ABP Inspector, Mr Kevin Moore, advised that his report will be sent to the board for formal consideration and every effort will be made to determine the appeal as soon as possible.

No proposed date for a decision has been advised by the board.

The Glenties Windfarm Information Group represented the majority of the 15 appellants and 64 observers to the appeal of the controversial Donegal County Council decision to grant permission for the windfarm.


A spokesman for the group said they were satisfied they were clearly able to demonstrate the “fatal flaws” in the planning application.

Chairman of the group, Mr Ernan O’Donnell said: “at long last our concerns over health, noise and hydrogeology have been publicly acknowledged and we expect the board to seriously address these issues and the related risks they pose to the local community and receiving environment in their assessment of this planning appeal”.

Mr O’Donnell claimed that, due to council’s failure to “properly” assess the planning application, the group were forced to appeal that decision and seek professional advice and assistance, at a considerable cost.

“The Environmental Impact Statement provided by the promoters and developers of this project failed to recognise or address the significant risks that the wind farm and ancillary works would create and impose on families who live close to the site,” Mr O’Donnell said.

Straboy Wind Energy Ltd., the promoters of the project, contested some elements of the expert evidence provided on behalf of the Glenties group.

Meanwhile, Mr O’Donnell, on behalf of the group expressed their thanks and gratitude for all the support, financially and morally, that they received during the process and advise that contributions promised can now be forwarded to members of the group.

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