November 1, 2012
Prince Edward Island

Windmill generates questions at meeting

The Guardian | November 1, 2012 |

SOURIS – The construction of a 50-metre windmill to power a cold storage operation here will likely go ahead.

“Judging from the comments I heard, I would say the project will go ahead … but possibly in another nearby location,’’ said Souris Mayor David MacDonald during a recent public meeting.

The project is the brainchild of the Souris Harbour Authority, which is attempting to find a way to reduce its annual $125,000 electrical bill to power the largest cold storage unit on the Island.

The meeting focus was more on questions than opposition, but some of the 30 in attendance were concerned about noise levels. Requests were also made to move the turbine to the most eastern point of the peninsula, where it might be built near the Ocean Choice fish plant.

“We’ll take the information gathered from the public meeting and make a decision,’’ said MacDonald. “It will be up to council to decide.”

The turbine would be built in the industrial-zoned section of the town and is about one-tenth the size of current wind farm turbines across the province. Cost estimates are under $1 million.

“I think we will initiate a sound test first, just to be sure, before there is any final vote on this issue,’’ said MacDonald.

At peak performance, the Harbour Authority is hoping the 225-kilowatt windmill will generate enough electricity to power the entire cold storage operation and even provide some excess for Maritime Electric. Officials believe it will at least reduce electrical costs.

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