November 1, 2012

Lincolnshire County Council backs minister’s opposition to wind farms

November 01, 2012 |

A Government minister has urged an end to the spread of wind farms across the country – a move welcomed by the county council

Senior Government energy minister John Hayes has echoed the county council’s call for a halt to the unrestrained invasion of wind farms across the UK. The South Holland and The Deepings MP has said ‘enough is enough’ and that wind turbines should no longer be ‘imposed’ on communities.

Councillor Eddy Poll, Executive Member for Environment Services, said:

“It’s heartening to have a senior minister so in tune with what people think.

“This is an issue the county council has been concerned about for some time. We’re not calling for a blanket ban on wind farms. We have a duty to protect the environment and are in favour of renewable energy. However, there’s been an invasion of wind farms across Lincolnshire in recent years, and we can’t ignore the impact this is having.

“We need to make sure we balance our need for green energy against inappropriate developments that ruin the environment we’re trying to protect. Wind energy is unreliable and costly. For that reason, we want to raise the bar even higher for anyone wanting to construct a wind farm in the county.

“To that end, we’ll be carrying out a public consultation towards the end of the year with a view to making our position an official council policy.”

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