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Anger at university turbine

Neigbours have told of their anger after a new Lancaster University wind turbine was erected.

The 328ft turbine was erected last week – and it has left locals fuming.

Ann Rogerson, 68, who has lived on Hazelrigg Lane all her life, said: “It’s even worse than we feared; it is so overpowering because it is up on the hill and us residents are just below it.

“It’s absolutely horrendous and we are still very upset about it.

“I do not begrudge the university having turbines but that hill is the wrong place.

“The view from my house, especially at this time of year, is beautiful and they have ruined it.

“I just feel helpless.”

Betty Parkinson, 83, lives in one of seven other homes on the lane.

“The turbine is huge and horrible,” she said.

“We have not even got to the worst bit yet – when it starts working.

“I’m sure both the machinery and blades will make a noise.

“I can’t believe the city council ever sanctioned something that’s only 250m away from the nearest house and just 500m from mine.

“I find it incredible. Property values will be decimated.”

“Why doesn’t the university put 20 smaller turbines nearer to its main buildings so that it got all the distress.

“Or why couldn’t it have covered all of the roofs on campus with solar panels?

Mrs Parkinson added that she also doubted how effective the turbine would be.

“Apart from the people who build them who make a nice profit, what use are they?” she said.

“There will be still days when they do nothing so you have got to have power stations anyway.

“Turbines are not reliable, it’s a total waste of money.”

The nearest property to the turbine was the Valley View Boarding Kennels and Cattery and its adjoining home.

Glynn Woon, 69, lived therewith his wife Ann and daughter Gill, who ran the business.

He had also opposed the turbine, which is just 284 yards from the property.

Rather than live so near to it, the family decided to sell up and moved to Blackburn two months ago.

“We could not possibly have lived with the turbine so close,” he said.

“It is too overwhelming and we were concerned about the noise.

“My wife suffers from migraines caused by flashing lights so we were also worried about flicker from the blades.”