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Wind power weasel

Maine should send Angus King to Washington. He is just the man that town calls for, a 1 percenter who has used his political connections to cash in at the public trough.

The green energy legislation he pushed as governor that helped enrich him after he left office costs the average Mainer hundreds extra a year in electricity bills, and yet he still smells of roses to many in the state. Very impressive!

This fellow presided over one of the biggest tax-and-spend binges in his time as governor and he left a huge budget hole in his wake, but somehow legend has him a “fiscal conservative.” You can’t beat that!

This wind power weasel is ready for the big time. He was made for D.C., slick, very slick. Don’t worry that he is neither Democratic nor Republican. Seems he is in it more for the Wealth Party, so he’ll fit right in. Yes, sir, let’s send him to Washington, just not as our senator.

Please vote Charlie Summers, a serviceman for U.S. Senate.

Anthony Garrity

West Newfield