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Benefits of wind power are unproven

As a physicist and North Carolina resident, I was most surprised by your recent editorial on wind energy.

It was distressing that editors of a credible newspaper like the News & Record would make so many misinformed statements on such an important issue.

For instance: “Can military concerns blow away wind energy development in eastern North Carolina, an area that holds some of the most promising wind energy potential in the Eastern United States?” Wind maps clearly show that eastern North Carolina has very marginal wind resources.

For instance: “North Carolina takes pride in being a military-friendly state, but it should not sacrifice its own interests.” Exactly how is wind development in this state in the interest of North Carolina taxpayers or ratepayers? There is zero scientific proof that wind energy has any net technical, economic or environmental benefits. So exactly how is promoting an energy source with no proven net benefits in North Carolina’s interest?

For instance: “There’s a strong case for wind energy development. North Carolina requires power companies to produce a portion of their electricity with renewable energy.” What’s the connection between those two sentences? Where is the scientific proof of this “strong case”? The only reason we have an RPS (renewable portfolio standard) is that wind industry lobbyists pulled a fast one on our legislators. Just because we have been tricked doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to continue to play along with the charade.

For instance: “Gov. Perdue’s office and members of the state’s congressional delegation should prod the Pentagon to find ways that wind energy can co-exist with … military activities.” Exactly why should a high-cost, low-benefit be shoe-horned in to co-exist with our military?

For instance: “… All of eastern North Carolina can’t be ruled off limits. … It would kill a promising industry before it gets off the ground.” You have phrased that correctly, as the wind industry is entirely made up of promises.

Please reconsider your position on energy matters and support alternatives that have proven net benefits. For more information, see Energypresentation.info.

The writer lives in Morehead City.