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Proposal 3 is not about energy, but about special interest groups

Proposal 3 is a costly initiative that has no place in Michigan’s Constitution. The proposal would require 25 percent of Michigan’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources by 2025. Locking Proposal 3 into the constitution would force the state to meet the mandate, and severely reduce energy policy flexibility. Michigan would be the only state to create a constitutional amendment to do so.

Proposal 3 threatens local zoning and the right of local communities to decide if they want renewable energy technology in their areas. Residents would no longer have a say in wind farm placement. I know of no one that wants to endanger the environment, but that is not what this issue is about. Proposal 3 is about special interest groups trying to change the future of Michigan by changing the state constitution.

The residents of this state are being misled by commercials intended to make the viewer believe that a heavy reliance on renewable energy is a job creation venture, when the reality, at this present time, is renewable energy is far more expensive and much less efficient than the present sources. With an average increase of over 50 percent compared to conventional energy generation, Michigan voters are still being erroneously led to believe that their energy bills will be reduced. Unless heavily subsidized by the federal government, alternate energy cannot compete with current sources available at this time.

Michigan residents should not be forced to live with renewable energy industrial developments that infringe upon their communities. We should all vote no on Proposal 3.

Voice: DANIEL J. HANSFORD, City Manager and Director of Public Works/Essexville