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Victims are not the problem

Every time a new report on Falmouth’s Wind Turbine Options Group is released, as in the October 12 Enterprise, I have to shake my head in disbelief.

The group continues to treat the victims as the cause of the problem rather than the simple fact that the turbines were grossly mis-sited. What can we expect from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC), which as the then MTC (Massachusetts Technology Collaborative) had major involvement in that critical error. Their stated goal is the advancement of wind power in Massachusetts, a clear conflict of interest in our town’s resolution of the problem at hand.

The selectmen in their Statement Of Principles also are attempting to advance two conflicting goals: to restore the sanctity of citizens’ health and welfare versus making sufficient money to break even on the project. In the process they have accomplished quite a divide in their citizenry.

I can understand some of the ideas presented by the non-affected Wind Turbine Options Process committee members as they are not personally dealing with the negative effects of these machines. Those not directly impacted have no idea of the volume of stress, anxiety, turmoil, nausea, irritability, anger, depression, and overall loss of quality of life these turbines have wrought in bringing about a second class citizenship to many of their neighbors.

How would you feel if it were your home, property, and person being assaulted for the past 2 1/2 years while others such as some WTOP committee members, the selectmen, and unfortunately even our board of health are placing a monetary value above forcing people out of their homes.

Time has taught me that I can tolerate zero running of the turbines. The state noise standard is worthless even if someone could measure it accurately on some scale that is pertinent to the bothersome effects which in all probability are a combination of fluctuating noise and silent sound pressures. Once a person has been traumatized, I venture to say that only a great distance will make an industrial wind turbine bearable.

The maximum enjoyment of our homes requires that the turbines be removed.

Barry Funfar
27 Ridgeview Drive