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Leave Cherokee Rock Village alone

The news of the agreement of the Parks and Recreation Board to lease part of Cherokee Rock Village (“Park Board apparently votes for wind turbine project,” Oct. 1 edition) is beyond shocking.

It might be likened to selling one’s soul to the devil. Faust was known for selling his soul to the devil to gain the love of Gretchen. It appears that two members of the PRB are willing to sell the outstanding beauty of Cherokee Rock Village for love of dollars and defile one of the crowning natural beautiies of Cherokee County. The immensity of a wind turbine compares to the height of a 50-story building (500 ft.) with blades of comparative size.

Would misters Adcock and Banister want one of these monsters hovering over their front yards? Let Mr. Savage and Pioneer Green put these political machines on private property and leave the county’s property alone. It appears that the committee allowed themselves to be snookered by a slick-handed corporate “white collar,”

This whole deal smells of rotten fish. Two members of PRB vote for it, one against it, and the other two didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to say anything? This is as weak-kneed as one can get. Has anyone seen a cabbage truck in our county lately? Our leaders should always, always, represent the interests of our citizens and look to upgrading our county. That hardly would be found true in creating an abomination.

Dollars are the answer to limited issues and certainly not to the despoiling of Cherokee Rock Village.

Dave Rogers
Cedar Bluff