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Wind farm comments didn’t mention negatives

Recently a Guest Commentary about Beautiful Hills wind project, by Jay Mundinger, a spokesman for Beautiful Hills Wind Farm LLC, planned for the town of Mishicot, appeared in the Herald Times Reporter.

Of course, Mr. Mundinger is presenting the possible good things for the proposed project, especially the name “Beautiful Hill.” Has anyone ever seen a beautiful wind tower electric generator farm? You do not have to travel far to look. Just drive down Highway 151 to Fond du Lac and look at the hills east of Lake Winnebago, south of Pipe. Is that beautiful?

All of the green projects like the above, solar sun panels for electricity, ethanol from corn for gasoline, only go forward because the federal government subsidizes the cost with our taxes.

Mr. Mundinger does not explain or mention any negatives of the wind towers. The miles of electric lines are expected. All of the existing power plants powered by coal, natural gas or nuclear energy will have to operate continually because you cannot expect the wind to blow all the time. He did not mention the people complaining about the number of birds – ducks, geese, bats, etc. – that are killed.

Too bad you all cannot read “A Heart Breaking Story,” which appeared in the Kiel Tri-County News on Aug. 23, 2007. Because of vibrating noise the children couldn’t sleep, couldn’t do their school work properly, etc. etc. No assistance was given by the electric company. The family had to move from the home they built on family land to get peace and quiet.

Richard Schleis