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Windfarm call to arms: Tibbermore ‘wind park’ objectors in last push

A community is gearing up for a final push as it bids to defeat plans for the creation of a controversial new windfarm in its midst.

Residents have until Friday October 19 to register objections to plans for a pilot ”met mast” and then ”wind park” at Newmiln Farm, Tibbermore.

The Gask and Strathearn Protection Society, set up in June with the aim of halting the project, is hoping that the community will speak out in their numbers to make their opposition clear.

In conjunction with a local landowner, Gloucestershire energy company Ecotricity hopes to build four 79m wind turbines near to the villages of Methven, Clathy, Balgowan and Clathymore.

Prior to construction, the developer aims to install a temporary met mast in a bid to measure wind speeds, but an initial plan for the building of a single 80m mast was withdrawn earlier this year as a newer – and taller – model became available.

The developer has said that the change will not affect the size of the proposed turbines and has also strenuously denied any claim of ”trickery”.

Its decision did, however, render obsolete the hundreds of objections that had already been submitted by residents and GASPS chair Dan Simpson remains convinced that Ecotricity attempted to ”neuter” the community’s opposition.

”The developers have tried to outmanoeuvre our last, massive objection, so now we have to act fast and in great numbers,” he said.

”It is vital that each and every resident – including those of nearby Perth – visitors, relations, and everyone who values our Perthshire countryside, register their objection on the Perth and Kinross website, by email or by letter to the planners.

”If this is allowed through it will be the first of many.

”It is a case of Gask Ridge today, a field next to you tomorrow, and so we must all act now.

”The Newmiln mast and windfarm proposal will bring massive power turbines to the heart of Strathearn.

”First the mast, a 90m pylon, will pierce the skyline and create major hazards – particularly for our protected birds – then the four turbines, each twice the height of the Scott Memorial, will change forever the nature of our priceless countryside.

”We must make sure that the planners and politicians are in no doubt about the folly of this plan and work with us to stop it.”

Ecotricity believes that, if approved, the four turbine scheme envisaged would create enough green energy each year to power more than 700 homes.

The developer also claims that it would generate income – around £9,000 per year – for the local area through a community fund.

Representations on the proposals, which should quote planning reference 12/01615/FLL, can be submitted to Perth and Kinross Council planning department by post or email.