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Protect citizens with larger setback for wind energy systems

To County Commissioner Grogg: You hit the nail on the head. “It’s one of these cases where we’ll find the dollars later. We’ve got to get it done.” (The Star, Sept. 25, headline, “Commissioners favor wind study”). This is a perfect example of why our economy is in shambles. Let’s spend some more money that we don’t have on an irrelevant impact study to decide on wind energy systems setback allowances.

You make it sound like this county will not survive without WES’s. The WES’s are not a case of economic development. This is a case of follow the money, and we will see where true motives lie. Who stands to make the most money on WES’s, Mr. Grogg? It certainly won’t be the citizens of this county.

How is “We’ll find the dollars later,” to quote you again, protecting everyone these WES’s will affect? Can anybody say “Merry Christmas, Mr. Potter”? Another fine job, lady and gentlemen.

Here is a thought for you: How about you put setback requirements at 2,640 feet from property lines? Steuben, Whitley and Noble counties are protecting their citizens with larger setbacks. Then, when you “find the dollars later,” do your study.

People who live in DeKalb County, do your research on wind energy systems (wind-watch.org). Stand up and be heard, or you will lose everything you love about living in this county. You will never get it back if you allow the wind farm developers to move in here. Attend local and county meetings.

James Bay