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New regulation slows development of Lithuania’s wind plants

A new order on quotas promotion and fixed rates of wind turbines in Lithuania left almost all wind energy producers unsatisfied. Some of them delayed plans for new projects, while others promise to participate in auctions, even though they see a potential risk.

For example, company Renerga owned by concern Achema Group postponed the construction of new 100 megawatts (MW) wind plant park to 2015. The company decided to abandon its investment plants due to auctions established by Renewable Energy Regulation (AIE). The developers of wind plants will have to compete over promotion quota and fixed electricity rate in these auctions, writes LETA/ELTA.

According to Director of Renerga Linas Sabaliauskas, a company wanted to build a wind plant now but the new the order of quotas and tariff allocation is not completely clear, therefore they intend to wait, daily Lietuvos Zinios said.

The AIE regulation provisions to increase total power of power plants connected to the grid up to 500 MW. Before the adoption of the law the capacity of already built wind plants or the ones in progress is 240 MW. For 20 years electricity they generate will be purchased at LTL 0.3 (EUR 0.086) per kilowatt-hour.

The developers of new wind parks will have to compete at the auctions for the fixed electricity price and the remaining promotion quota of 260 MW. The auctions will be managed by the Commission for Prices. The initial listing price will be at LTL 0.28 (EUR 0.081) per kilowatt-hour. The winner of the auction will be the participant who will offer the minimum desired fixed rate.