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Why have we allowed Texas to be spoiled with giant windmills?

A few years ago, I received one of the greatest disappointments of my life. I was returning to Texas from California on Interstate 10 after an absence of many years. As I traveled east from El Paso into the mesa country of West Texas, I was aghast to see the grandeur of those formerly majestic plains and plateaus covered with windmills – thousands of them.

It was like seeing a beautiful body covered with acupuncture needles.

You can’t imagine how broken-hearted I felt; it was as though a beloved friend had been disfigured beyond recognition

I knew at that instant why the Kennedyís had fought so hard to prevent similar obscenities from being constructed near their homes on Cape Cod.

And for God’s sake, why have we done this? It makes no sense. We have been conned into destroying our beautiful vistas with power sources that are both expensive and unreliable for the enrichment of a few fast-talking opportunists who made billions of dollars at our expense.

What suckers we are!