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Stand up to NSP

Is everyone paying attention to the commercials that Nova Scotia Power (NSP) is playing regarding green and sustainable energy?

They tell us that once the renewable system is set up and fully functional our power bills will remain stable. I don’t consider myself real smart but this is how I interpret this whole renewable green energy such as wind and hydro.

Right now we are paying sky-high power bills with increase after increase that I for one cannot afford to pay for these wind turbines and hydro dams to be set up.

That’s right, we the ratepayers are paying for these changes and what we get in return, according to the commercials, is stable power rates. Not cheaper, but stable.

That means that after we pay for the changes NSP will be saving millions upon millions in fuel costs and we get stable power rates, which means the rich hog stockholders will be getting richer off all the changes that we are forced to pay for.

When is anyone in government going to have the guts to stand up to these hogs and force them to quit stealing from the poor to make rich hogs richer? Time for a lot of changes. We, the poor, need to stand up to these thieves or we will all be living in cabins in the woods.


RR#1 Chester