September 25, 2012

Wind power for Marquette?

MARQUETTE – A wind turbine could soon be coming to Marquette.

The Marquette City Commission heard a proposal from Mayco International and Adventure Power to put a fourth generation 300 kilowatt wind turbine at a site to be determined. The cost of the turbine is around $750,000, although the city would pay nothing.

“What they’re looking at doing is bringing this in, testing it, seeing if it works and if there’s no agreement after the two years they pack it up and send it home but along the way we’ll be learning and getting all the benefit potentially and experience, if the community wants to evaluate this,” said City Manager Bill Vajda.

Members of the commission expressed interest, but said that further meetings with the company would be needed.

Earlier in the year the Lake Superior Watershed Partnership conducted a study in which they determined that many communities in the Upper Peninsula have sufficient wind power to sustain wind turbines.

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