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Don’t be fooled by wind farm windfall

Have you ever been in a position where bullying, coercion, intransigence and sheer bloodymindedness haven’t worked?

If so, what did you do? If you were the Government, it would be time to turn to a bit of blatant bribery.

For that is surely the only way to accurately describe the stance now being taken to try to desperately cajole villages and towns up and down the land to accept the building of grotesque wind farms on their doorsteps.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey tried to dress up as a “reward” for “host communities” the gifts offered to anyone who accepts the installation of the unattractive wind turbines that are an increasing blight on our once green and pleasant land.

Turning a blind eye to their ugliness and a deaf ear to their continual whirring, Davey bleats:

“Far too often host communities have seen the wind farms but not the windfall.

“We want to ensure that people benefit from having wind farms sited near to them.”

Most of you with even a shaky knowledge of history will recall the infamous story of how conniving settlers robbed native Americans of the island of Manhattan by giving them some cash, but also plenty of shiny baubles, mirrors and coloured glass.

Instead of those shiny treats, the lures this time are new playgrounds for children, repairs to the local church or a village hall extension.

Shallow doesn’t get near, does it? Sell out the heart, soul and landscape of your village and we’ll give you a set of swings and a nice extension or a new church roof.

Do none of these Mooney-like green zealots realise the idea of having one of these obscene blots on the landscape located close to you is about as attractive as living in the central reservation of your nearest motorway?

There is considerable evidence that shows these turbines are not just undesirable, they’re positively dangerous.

Thousands of people around the world say they have displayed symptoms of “wind turbine syndrome” whereby they lose sleep, become depressed and are prone to mood swings.

Their claims are backed up by medical research in Australia, Canada and here in Britain, which also points to other side-effects such as tinnitus, insomnia and nausea.

Yet some predictions suggest by 2030 you and I will have paid the energy companies up to £100billion in bribes. Or “government subsidies” as they’re also known.

This level of investment is ludicrous and as valuable as the paltry amount of power these atrocities provide. Wind energy is both intermittent and unreliable and needs fossil-fuel back up, while costing nearly four jobs from the real economy for every “green job” that is created.

We don’t like, need or want these infernal turbines and any scheming politician who thinks otherwise should stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.