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Wolfe Island property assessment reductions of over $3 million

Dear Huron East Council,
Further to my deputation(s) regarding property devaluation by wind projects – I wish to forward some information I finally received from MPAC (as promised) regarding what has happened on Wolfe Island with regard to property assessment reductions.  It hosts the province’s second largest wind farm.  I am including the list of property assessment reductions from MPAC since 2008.  The list shows 78 significant assessment reductions since 2008 (the wind farm became operational in 2009) totaling $3 million in reductions.  The 6 largest reductions are listed below and are situated very close to the turbines themselves and very clearly shows what can happen to property assessments when wind farms are erected around residential areas.  I do not wish to waste council’s time with another deputation-but would like to know what progress has been made with regard to creating a by-law (as discussed) to protect this from happening to Huron East ratepayers (and the municipalities’ tax base)?  It was indicated that proof needed to be provided before attempting to put in place such a bylaw.  I think that I have upheld my end of the bargain.  Many of my neighbours are eager to know if there will be some protection put in place from potentially losing their life savings in their property equity?

Here are the addresses of residents (near the wind project) who were granted assessment reductions of over $100,000 by MPAC in the Township of Wolfe Island from 2008 until Jan. 2012.


Some of these properties are on Wolfe Island and the rest are on Simcoe Island.  Simcoe Island is located just off the west end of Wolfe Island where the Wind Project is sited (see map attached).  According to an e-mail I received from Gail Kenney (the prominent resident appealing their ARB decision on Wolfe Island) the Wind Project can be seen and heard from most of the south shore of Simcoe Island.  She indicated that property sales have all but shut down on Simcoe Island.  She now has this list from MPAC as well (they did not have it at the time of their ARB hearing)  .Wolfe Island Assessment Reductions