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Turbines not prosperous

Re. ‘Region searching for the road to prosperity,’ Sept. 13:

When I read your article, I could not help but feel sadness.

The residents of West Lincoln and Wainfleet have been struggling with the fight against the installation of industrial wind turbines in our townships for several years now. Niagara Region will not help us in our struggle against industrial wind turbines because of a few jobs to be placed in Lincoln and Thorold.

How many people are going to be interested in coming to West Lincoln or Wainfleet to create a new industry with these huge turbines spoiling the neighbourhoods?

No one will be interested in locating into the area because of the turbines and real estate will stagnate after a few years. After many of the properties are deserted or bought out and then deserted by the wind corporations, only the less privileged will be able to gamble their health and move into these properties. How will that bring prosperity to the region? It will only bring apathy and disparity!

It is also a known fact that these turbines will not bring down the cost of electricity. In fact, the costs are due to skyrocket in the very near future. This will mean that business will not choose Niagara to start up a new industry when cheaper electricity is available just a few miles away in New York State.

The road to prosperity in Niagara Region ain’t gonna happen unless the Region opens their eyes and minds to the impending doom foisted upon us by industrial wind turbines and the Green Energy Act.

Nellie DeHaan