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No Turbine coalition formed

A No Turbine in Town (NTT) coalition has been created in Cochrane Heights and its members are taking their opposition to a proposed turbine project door-to-door.

In a news release issued Monday, organizers Richard Kenney and Brenda Samborski said they believed they had no choice but to seek legal counsel to represent those in the community opposed to a proposed wind turbine project at the Cochrane High School by its Sustainable Development Project.

“Council has now been retained, and we will be exploring all available avenues by which to voice our opposition to the proposal,” stated the news release. “It is our intention to object profusely to the proposed location and size of the turbine, and intend to object to the proposal in its current form at every step of the application process.”

Initially, NTT will be going door-to-door to collect signatures signaling opposition to the current proposal. The coalition isn’t doing a legal petition at this point, rather a petition stating opposition.

“The idea of forming a coalition is to be able to speak on behalf of people,” said Samborski. “So if we need to file an appeal we will be able to file one appeal on behalf of so many hundred people.”

The NTT isn’t opposed to the sustainable development project erecting a wind turbine—and in fact praise the school for its initiatives—but adamantly oppose its location.
“Our perspective hasn’t changed from the beginning, it has always been the same,” said Samborski. “We admire the school and we think the school is doing a great thing, but they’re crossing the line now by not consulting the community. We are against the location and size and the possible concerns that are linked to that. So if they want to put up a turbine that’s fine, it’s a great learning experience, but it should not be invasive it should be respectful and responsible.
“The whole entire time I have been asking for an alternative location and it could be a win-win situation for the entire community. Basically they told us that they can’t and they have no intention to listening to our perspective because they went out and got the money first, and then consult us afterwards. I don’t know, is that consulting or just telling?”
The original committee did discuss the idea of going door-to-door in the past, but opted to wait.
“We have never gone out and collected names before, but we are starting tomorrow (Sept. 18) and we will keep going until we covered the entire neighborhood.”
Samborski was one of eight residents participating in an initial Apr. 24 information meeting. Taken back by the proposal she went knocking on the doors of neighbors and soon discovered few people were aware of the proposal. A committee was formed to find out where other people stood on the proposal.
“We have a fairly large group now and we have been invited to form a coalition and get a petition going against the proposal.”
The group’s decision follows an information meeting on the proposed project last Thursday at the Cochrane High School.