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Are veterans impacted by commercial wind? —that is a good question

This is a question that appeared here in Maine recently. An article titled “Disabled Veteran Urges More Wind Turbine Tests” recently appeared in the Maine State American Legion Newsletter in which a veteran encouraged more tests be done on the effects of wind turbines next to veterans with disabilities. That veteran lives 1 2/3 miles from Maine’s first wind turbine farm in Mar’s Hill. He stated that the wind turbines cause him annoyance and stress. He asked for help in making the state’s policy makers to do more research and studies before pressing forward with more wind farms that will harm other disabled veterans.

My Note:

I have to second that. Those who know me know I have neck injuries from my military service. Mine are a result of nerve damage in my neck during active duty that resulted in the onset of cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis) after my retirement. I live with constant levels of neck pain; increased stress causes the nerves in my neck to “pull more” resulting in elevated pain levels and can even cause headaches. As a result of this I too am concerned about the impact that both the Highland Wind Project and the Fletcher/Lexington Wind Project may have on me if these proposed projects come to be.