September 15, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Standing up to the ‘Hessians’ of Big Wind

North Adams Transcript | 14 September 2012

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has deployed an army of paid lobbyists to capture the American government, much in the way King George III sent his hired Hessian troops in their crisp green uniforms, armed with long muskets, tipped with long, sharp bayonets, to kill the American independence movement.

Big Wind, disguised in “green-mindedness,” has been crushing anyone and everyone who happens to be in its way. Residents in towns and farm areas across this country, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, Holland, Spain, China, Australia and New Zealand are feeling the boot and suffering the torture and pain of having to either succumb to the awful illnesses that the spinning wind turbine blades cause, or flee, if they are fortunate enough to be able to afford it, so that their families might simply be well. There are now numerous reported stories of the so-called wind farms having followed the refugees to their new homes.

Schoolchildren are being hammered right in their schools.

In some countries, wind power victims are appealing to their governments for monetary relief for their medical and property costs. As you can imagine, they are being ignored, even being blamed for imagining what they are going through. They are in the throes of a physiological assault. If there is a psychological component, it is the realization that their boards and departments of public health seem to be frozen like deer in Big Wind’s
headlights, and unable to carry out their sworn duty to the victims of this man-made plague.

If Big Wind and the legion of captive public officials, from the president of this nation to the humblest selectman, think that they are safe in hiding behind the “green” curtain, I want to advise them that a little dog is pulling it aside. Here is the way it is happening:

In Falmouth, the Falmouth Committee on Human Rights has just come into being. This infant entity, just like a newborn colt, is already up on its feet and is organizing the First Falmouth Conference on Human Rights. It is now working to bring together, in person or via Skype, the best experts in medicine and epidemiology, acoustics and ecology, physics and engineering, economics and government, the arts and, most importantly, the actual victims of the wind power scourge, under one roof, the main branch of the Falmouth Public Library – before the town and national elections.

We envision the birth of committees on human rights in every town and city in this and every country across the world. Power structures, if they refuse to respond to the crucial issues being raised with a deafening roar by Big Wind, must be dismantled and replaced by those whose hearts and brains are still connected.

I am asking everyone who reads these words to pass them on to anyone who can help the little dog pull aside the curtain!

Thank you for opening your hearts!

Marsh Rosenthal


Sept. 8

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